Packing Guide


These places are usually "catch-alls" for many loose items. Please pack these things in boxes and label them. Here are a few more tips on having these areas ready for us to move:

Use boxes, not bags.Tape yard tools together.Pull items out of crawl spaces and from under the eaves.We cannot transport fuel, gas, paint, propane, or other flammable materials.Shelving and other installed items that are to be moved should be removed from walls prior to our arrival.We cannot go up "pull-down" stairs to remove or place items in an attic. (We can help you do this if previous arrangements have been made.)


Please follow these guidelines:

Use quality boxes and tape (no duct or masking tape please). We can sell and deliver the packing materials you may need.Mover-provided cartons may prevent damage that results from the use of poor-quality packing materials. Use paper to wrap fragile items.Use small boxes for heavy items such as books, magazines, and record albums.Tape all boxes closed, no flap folding. Label the tops of boxes as to which room they will go.Label fragile boxes that are truly fragile.All pictures, lamps and shades must be boxed, if you want us to move them. All hang-up clothes must he boxed. With prior notice, you can rent wardrobe boxes from us on moving day. Do not water plants for at least 3 days before moving day.

Please Note: Incorrect packing is the prime cause of damages. When you've done it right, the box should weigh no more than 50 pounds, the sides shouldn't bulge, and the top should close without caving in. Fill in empty space with paper if needed and take out items if the top won't close. Keep in mind that the heavier the items, the smaller the box should be.