Moving Guide


Nothing is more exciting than a new house. It is our goal to move all your things without damaging your house or possessions. To insure this, we cover the entrance foyer, remove doors as needed, and cover banisters before unloading. At the new house, you should:

Have someone there to tell us where you want the furniture placed. Be sure the driveway, sidewalk, and porches are clear of mud, debris, leaves, etc. to avoid tracking these into the house. Do not schedule any cleaning, painting, carpentry, or installations for moving day. We will only get in each other's way and risk damaging your house or furniture. Please do not lay plastic on floors. This is dangerous and will have to be removed. You CAN use the kind of clear plastic that has one sticky side. Please do not cover stairs in the house unless you use the sticky plastic.If you move some items yourself, stack them out of the way so we can place the furniture and boxes where they need to go.


All furniture surfaces should be cleared off. All beds should be void of linens. Waterbed mattresses must be completely drained. Dresser drawers do not need to be emptied unless the drawers do not come out; however, all fragile items within them must be packed. All furniture with doors must be emptied. We will take apart beds and remove mirrors from dressers, unless differently agreed upon.


It is the customer's responsibility to empty the refrigerator and freezer on the day of the move. Be sure to have extra boxes or coolers to do this. If the ice maker cutoff is under the house, please have it disconnected prior to moving day. Note: We will not crawl under houses to disconnect. We can not hook up ice makers. We can disconnect or reconnect washers and dryers if hookups are applicable. We cannot disconnect or reconnect any gas appliances. (Please call your gas company for this service.)