What forms of payment do you accept? We accept cash or local checks. Cash is required on out-of-town moves (half when trucks are loaded, the rest when unloaded). Payment is expected after the truck is unloaded.

When is the busiest time of year for movers? Summertime is generally the busiest time of the year for movers. in addition, the beginning and end of each month are traditionally busier than mid-month, regardless of the season. We suggest contacting us 4-6 weeks in advance to schedule your estimate.

Do you take beds apart? We will take all beds apart and remove any mirrors from dressers, unless other arrangements are made. Additionally, if you have any furniture that requires disassembly (i.e. desks, wardrobes, etc.), we will take those apart. All these items will be assembled at the new house to their original condition. We will disassemble water beds if they have been drained ahead of time and if prior arrangements are made.

Do I need to pack mirrors, paintings, pictures, shades and lamps? All pictures and paintings need to be packed. Smaller ones will usually fit in regular boxes; those larger than 2O by 2O inches should be packed in picture boxes. We can provide these for you ahead of time. We will wrap all dresser mirrors and any glass shelves or table tops you may have on the day of the move. Shades should be removed from all lamps and packed in boxes. We will move floor lamps if the shades are removed. Table lamps should be packed in boxes like any fragile items. if the lamps won't fit in regular boxes we can provide special lamp boxes at a minimal cost.

Do I have to pack dresser drawers? Dresser drawers do not need to be emptied unless the drawers do not come out; however, all fragile items within them must be packed. We recommend that you DO pack drawers of end tables, desks, and night stands. These sometimes contain loose items that can easily fall out during the move. You should also pack the items in any furniture that has doors.

How do you protect the floors at the new house? We pad the entrance foyer and all areas where we will he going in and out of the house. We pad all stair railings and remove any doors deemed necessary. If the walkways are clear of all mud and debris. there is never a problem with carpets. For insurance reasons, we CANNOT remove shoes. It is your responsibility to make sure the walkway and driveway is clean on moving day.

When should I empty the refrigerator/freezer? Refrigerators and freezers are usually some of the last items to be loaded on the truck. The crew leader will notify you at least 30 minutes before these are loaded. Pack food in coolers and small boxes so they can be placed in the back of the truck and unloaded first.

Frequently Asked Questions: