Buying and selling a house can be difficult and stressful. We want to make moving your possessions as easy and worry-free as possible. Schedule a free estimate with us and we'll provide you with an accurate price* in writing. Payment is expected when service is completed (cash, credit cards, or certified checks only.) For long-distance moves, half is required when the truck is loaded, the other half BEFORE we unload. For local moves, payment is due AFTER the move is completed.

* Price Changes: We do our best to stand by our estimates; however, some things can increase your moving costs. These are listed below.

All boxes should be taped closed and furniture surfaces free of loose items. Not being packed and ready can increase the move price.Not being able to load or unload from driveway, or having an excessively long carry on the unload. The condition or slope of the driveway will determine this. Delays created by closing times, previous occupants not being out of the house, builder/subcontractor interference and muddy or unsafe conditions. Deciding to have us move things not included on the estimate or making additional stops.Placing more in the attic of the new house than came out of the attic of the old house.